This is the story of Mike and Mish
We both swore we'd never fall in love again
and oh, how I fought it. My friend, Carolyn
watched me fall with great delight and loves to
remind me every chance she gets of the day I
fell HARD.
On our first date Mike asked me to tell him something I hate. I told him I didn't like to
have Happy Birthday sung to me. As he was excusing himself (rather quickly) from the
table, what seemed like dozens of waitstaff approached our table with a huge
sombrero and singing Happy Birthday in Spanish. You'll see the photo they took on
OUR STORY page. He still got a second date...above all else, we must maintain
our senses of humor. Laughter will get you through the rough spots in life.
Our Important Dates
Met in August 2002.
Engaged December 2004.
Married in May 2005!
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Take a minute and look through the photos. The tour photos were done by Karen
Nolden of It was so much fun. We were thrilled that my
parents arrived in time to join us. Wedding photos were done by Michael DeSimone of They were both great sports and truly talented.

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Mike & Mish

May 5, 2005
Michelle & Michael
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